Preseli Bluestone

Our award-winning hand crafted jewellery creations combine platinum, gold and silver with some of the world’s most exquisite precious and semi-precious gemstone collections. Preseli Bluestone is one of the most common stones found at Stonehenge and like all of our other gemstones, is polished and sculpted into our most exquisite designs, resulting in effortlessly sophisticated British-made pieces with unmistakable universal appeal.

The chemically altered igneous rock which contains spots or clusters of plagioclase feldspar, is a medium grained dark and heavy rock. The Bluestones were originally erected in a circle during the third phase of construction at Stonehenge (around 2300BC) and were aligned to the summer solstice, however approximately 100 years later they were rearranged in the horseshoe and circle, most recognisable in today’s famous layout. Each of the stones weigh around 2-4 tonnes each, many of them believed to have been sourced from the Preseli hills located around 250 miles away in Wales.

Preseli Bluestone also known as Dolerite, is one of the most beautiful gemstones known to man. When polished the stone mimics the night sky, with studded stars splashed sporadically against the rough surface of its deep grey hue. The flecks of the Preseli Bluestone add layers of beautiful texture and depth to our hand crafted C W Sellors designs. Some of the pieces created within our workshops feature the stone in its most natural, roughest form and have been integrated into our simple pendant designs by our expert Lapidary. Those designs in our collection that have been polished to a spectacular standard to give the highest shine and lustre to their surface, have been carved to create a more refined finish. When combined with our Sterling Silver frames, the dark mysteriousness to Preseli Bluestone forms a beautiful contrast against the high polish of its surrounding metal profile, creating a sophisticated piece of jewellery with a timeless appeal.

As Stonehenge is considered an ancient healing centre and a place of deep spirituality, Preseli Bluestone has led many gemstone lovers to look at its profound healing properties. Believed to have a particularly strong connection to the heart, the stone facilitates the perfect characteristics for transforming into a beautiful piece of jewellery to be worn close to this area of the body. The Bluestones are also considered to have not only magical and holy properties but are also considered to be able to tap into the energy pathways of our planet. Whatever its spiritual uses are believed to be, Preseli Bluestone is unmistakably a prized procession of our proud British heritage - core inspirational elements that our designers at C W Sellors are always on the search for to influence our most spectacular designs.