C W Sellors Repir Service

Derbyshire’s Peak District is home to C W Sellors independent specialist trade repairs and services department. Our expertly skilled jewellery technicians combine their unprecedented knowledge together with years of practical experience to offer a vast selection of services available from a basic clean to our more intricate levels of workmanship such as that of our engraving process which requires our most up-to-date technology.

Jewellery Cleaning

Most jewellery requires regular cleaning and on many occasions this can be carried out using a simple Silver polishing cloth by applying a gentle rub in circular motions to remove any grease and help prevent tarnish. Our Silver Polishing cloths are available from our trade store and can be ordered on the following contact number: 01335 346 561

To help keep your jewellery or gemstones in excellent condition, most pieces will require an annual clean which can be scheduled with us to ensure that the beauty and health of your most valuable pieces are preserved, preventing signs of unnecessary wear and tear which occur with time. Our specialised technicians can also examine the item of jewellery or the gemstone to advise if any essential repairs are required in order to prevent future problems occurring.

Alterations and Repairs

To get the very best out of your most valuable jewellery pieces and gemstones, our friendly staff are able to organise alterations and repairs within our internal trades department. We offer services which include necklace alterations, ring sizing, repairs to bespoke items, laser welding, settings and jewellery restoration together with stone-to-stone matching, claw-re-tipping work and stone checking. We specialise in repairs to worldwide gemstones, pearls, and precious metals including rose gold to platinum and rhodium plated finishes. Our trade services generally include necklace repairs, bracelet repairs and brooch repairs as well as wedding ring re-sizing and engagement ring re-sizing.

For more information on our jewellery alterations and repair services together with prices, please contact a member of our team within our trades department who will be happy to advise you further on the following number 01335 346 561 or email

Watch services and repairs

Our experienced watch technicians are able to carry out extensive watch repairs and watch services on a huge selection of quartz and automatic timepieces although some particular watch brands will need the expert care of their official specialists. All of our C W Sellors boutiques stock a compelling collection of high-end luxury watch brands giving us a unique position within our trades department to be able to seek on-hand expert advice instantly, thus organising watch repairs directly with the likes of Breitling, TAG Heuer and Ball Watch Company. Every watch requires a high standard of maintenance and servicing to prolong its life and maintain correct functioning, value and appearance. For more information on our watch repair services and prices please contact a member of our team within our trades department who will be happy to advise you further on the following number 01335 346 561 or email


Our design studios within our C W Sellors trade department can carry out a personal engraving service which uses the finest, cutting-edge technology to create a flawless finish. Treasured items can be engraved with personal messages or images making each piece a unique, sentimental keepsake for the owner.

For more information on our necklace engravings, pendant engravings and ring engravings as well as many other embellishment services available, please contact a friendly member of staff from our trade department on 01335 346 561 or email