Located at the most northerly point of the beautiful, tropical Island of Barbados in the Southern Caribbean is an ancient sea cave known to both locals and travellers alike as ‘Animal Flower Cave’. Not only does Animal Flower Cave offer spectacular views of the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean, a diverse and sustainable eco system filled with awe inspiring plants, marine and natural wildlife but it is also home to the Coquina gemstone.

This stunning, naturally forming gemstone is sourced from beneath the glistening and transparent waters of the cave, from the unique seashell and coral floor formations which line the magical rock pools.

The reputation of Animal Flower Cave as being a natural wonder of the world is long since undisputed. Since its discovery and documentation over 300 years ago by two English explorers, it has attracted the interests of scientists, natural historians and visitors alike. The unusual moniker of the cave itself was attributed to the Sea Anemones which still inhabit the caves today. In his 1750 book ‘The Natural History of Barbados’ the Rev. Griffith Hughes first noted that the cave dwelling Sea Anemones resembled flowers and moved when touched. Following the publication of the clerics book centuries ago, the fascinating combination of geological treasures and marine organisms have made this wondrous location a must see attraction in Barbados.

Our Coquina gemstone jewellery collection offers only hand selected, naturally sourced pieces from the unique floor of the Caribbean Sea caves. Whilst the sea caves are home to the stone used in Coquina jewellery, all pieces collected have been organically sourced and officially approved for jewellery manufacture for C W Sellors by the Animal Flower Cave. Each Coquina jewellery piece has been specifically chosen for its colour, texture and suitability for award winning jewellers C W Sellors to work into a unique range of settings and designs. Once cut, shaped and polished, each piece of Coquina is transformed into a personal Gem of the Caribbean which can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Sealife Angel Fish Single Stone Charm
Sealife Angel Fish Stone Set Pendant
Sealife Barbados Island Disc Pendant
Sealife Heart Barbados Flag Charm - Carabiner Clasp
Sealife Heart Barbados Flag Charm - Loop Clasp
Sealife Large 2 Stone Turtle Pendant
Sealife Large Seahorse Pendant
Sealife Large Seahorse Stone Top Pendant
Sealife Large Single Stone Turtle Pendant
Sealife Medium Single Stone Turtle Pendant
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Sealife Palm Tree Pendant
Sealife Round Barbados Island Reverse Charm - Carabiner Clasp
Sealife Round Barbados Island Reverse Charm - Loop Clasp
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