Wildlife Trust

Our Wildlife Trust collection comprises of a unique mix of inspirational jewellery designs which take elements of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and fuse these ideas with our artisan skills to create a collection of commission pieces finished in sterling silver. Managing 42 nature reserves within the Derbyshire county, the Wildlife Trust works to protect all forms of wildlife and their surrounding environment, whilst helping to promote the care of wild animals and raise awareness of the risks associated with habitat destruction. Our Wildlife Trust Badger Portrait designs, crafted onto our square, oval and round pendants effortlessly symbolise the beauty of the wildlife found within our natural surroundings. Fusing the art of jewellery making and the philosophy of gemstone formation to create truly stunning innovations, the Wildlife Trust collection offers elegant pendants and cufflinks for a sophisticated statement piece 15% of all our Wildlife Trust sterling silvery jewellery pieces go towards the progress and development of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

This collection is empty.