Dark Mother Of Pearl

Dark Mother of Pearl, with its pearly and porcelain like lustre, is just as striking as its white mother of pearl counterpart but instead boasts a darker iridescence of rich violet and green tones. The beauty of the gemstone comes from its shimmery chameleon-like radiance that changes colour depending on the light. Its spellbinding contours are reminiscent of a star studded night sky that looks particularly enchanting when contrasted against the splendour of yellow gold.

Dark mother of pearl is sourced from the inner shell coating of pearl producing molluscs in which the organisms secrete epithelial cells that form the smooth and shimmering surface that we then transform into mesmerising pieces of jewellery. Dark mother of pearl has always been an incredibly fashionable gemstone and was originally carved into buttons by high end tailors for shirts, jackets and coats. Nowadays, dark mother of pearl is usually sought within jewellery and other accessories so within our workshops in Derbyshire we have created a stunning range of dark mother of pearl jewellery that reflects the same high end luxury that was expected in the past. The dark black beauty of the ocean has been set into some of our most popular jewellery collections including our Tuberose range that boasts intricate flower designs, but since all our jewellery is made in-house, we can transform dark mother of pearl into many of our other designs.

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