Chatsworth Renewed

Discover our stunning Chatsworth Renewed collection adorned with luxurious silver and yellow gold plated vermeil jewellery that has been inspired by Chatsworth's iconic golden features.

The Chatsworth Renewed collection builds on the success of the recent Chatsworth House Style collection. C W Sellors jewellery has had a long and successful relationship with Chatsworth and we are pleased to be able to celebrate such a momentous part of Chatsworth's history with the launch of this inspired collection.

From rebuilding the Belvedere turrets to replacing vast tracts of lead on the roof; carving the tiniest details in stone using dentistry tools to replacing huge blocks in the walls; careful restoration of priceless artworks to the renovation of famous water features in the garden; over the last decade Chatsworth has been fully restored and made ready for the next century.

Our talented team of gold and silversmiths handcraft every design with a keen eye for detail and to an exceptional standard. Our exquisite gold and silver jewellery collection, is designed in-house within the beautiful surroundings of the Peak District, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, creating a strong signature style and identity, inspired by our local heritage. Each gemstone is hand selected, precision cut and polished to perfection to deliver fine British craftsmanship. We take great pride in creating an intricate jewellery collection that showcases our devotion to accuracy, attention to detail and drive for the highest quality.

Chatsworth Renewed 2018

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