White Mother Of Pearl

The feminine and classic beauty of White Mother of Pearl has made it a popular choice for jewellery and art for centuries. The mesmerising cream colour is accentuated by a pink and green iridescence that brings both a gentle and delicate touch to the jewellery it adorns. White mother of pearl comes from a composite material known as nacre which is produced by molluscs and it makes up the same outer coating found on pearls. The spell bounding lustre that radiates from the stone is incredibly similar to the glisten of pearls but is a much more affordable option in jewellery.

White mother of pearl has been used as far back as 4200 BC by the ancient Egyptians who used it in both jewellery and for decorative purposes like that seen in cartouches. Those who owned something set with the stone was considered to be both wealthy and powerful. In East Asia, mother of pearl was also used as an inlay for religious and decorative art. The unique beauty of mother of pearl is still admired today and is linked to gift giving and symbolising luck and fortune. At C W Sellors we have dedicated a talented team of craftsman to utilise the treasured aesthetic of mother of pearl and craft it into unique pieces of jewellery. Since all our jewellery is made in-house, our white mother of pearl designs can be paired alongside other stones and metals of you're choosing.

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