C W Sellors has teamed up with the world-famous Moorcroft pottery to create this fabulous, new, vibrant collection. This collaboration is a celebration of two British design classics, a highly esteemed ceramic creator (established in 1897) and a leading jewellery manufacturer.
Moorcroft pottery is renowned for its designs inspired by flora and natural forms. It is also famed for the intensity and richness its highly coloured flame glazes which are shown off to good effect in these exquisite pieces of jewellery.
This collection has taken inspiration from some of the iconic Moorcroft designs like the bright red poppies, the subtle purple and pink hues of anemones and vivid colours of cornflowers. Also featured are exotic peacock feathers, landscapes with trees and full moon designs displayed in beautifully simple silver settings. 
The jewellery is yet another way of celebrating and extending the appeal of Moorcroft pottery which is so beloved of collectors the world over. 
Moorcroft Gold Feather Pear Pendant
Moorcroft Gold Full Moon Pear Pendant
Moorcroft Gold Queens Choice Round Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Anemone Pear Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Anemone Round Bangle
Moorcroft Silver Anemone Round Brooch
Moorcroft Silver Anemone Round Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Cornflower Pear Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Cornflower Round Brooch
Moorcroft Silver Cornflower Round Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Eagle Pear Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Eyes For You Pear Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Eyes For You Round Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Feather Pear Pendant
Moorcroft Silver Feather Round Bangle