White Agate

At C W Sellors we are passionate about the gemstones that go into every piece of our exquisite jewellery collections and our range of White Agate jewellery is no exception.  White Agate is the purest variation of agate stone and boasts an exceptional snow white colour that provides an elegant and luxury aesthetic when incorporated into our modern designs.  The beauty of White Agate comes from the unique patterns and banding found within the translucent stone formed from tiny quartz crystals, making each piece of jewellery it sits in completely one of a kind. 

The stone was first discovered by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, during the fourth and third centuries BC. He named the stone after the river it was found in, the Achates, now known as the River Dirillo of Sicily.  Since then, the stone has been associated with a variety of different cultures and traditions.  The ancients believed White Agate to be associated with strength and they used it on the breastplates of their armour to make them victorious in battle while others believed it to be a pregnancy stone that helped protect a mother and baby from harm. As one of the oldest stones in recorded history, White Agate remains one of the most coveted crystals within the jewellery industry. Within our workshops in Derbyshire, our talented craftsman highlight the beauty of the stone by pairing it with exquisite materials like sterling silver and gold but since all our jewellery is handmade in-house we can pair it with other stones and metals of you're choosing.

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