Discover a wide range of exclusive Gents jewellery including hand made gold and silver cuff links , modern rings and many designs for the modern man. Here at CW Sellors we are a specialist jewellery uk manufacture making designer pieces for both men and women of all ages.
10mm Round Tie Tack
14mm x 10mm Four Stone Cufflinks
Araucaria Curved Part Edged Cufflinks
Araucaria Domed Oval Cufflinks
Araucaria Domed Square Cufflinks
Bar Set Cufflinks
Barrel Shape Cufflinks
Curved Triangle Cufflinks
Cushion Shape Cufflinks
Dodgem Cufflinks
Double Ball End Cufflinks
Dress Shirt Studs (set of 4)
Freeform Irregular Cufflinks
Freeform Oval Cufflinks
Freeform Pear Cufflinks