C W Sellors Foxtail Collection was designed to turn heads. Crafted in Sterling Silver this unique twisted design is densely woven making the perfect decoration. Handcrafted in our Ashbourne Workshop, the foxtail collection incorporates carefully selected gemstones, individually cut and polished before being carefully set into their chosen foxtail design.
Foxtail 1 Stone Organic Necklet
Foxtail 16 Stone Marquise Necklet
Foxtail 17 Stone Cushion Necklet
Foxtail 17 Stone Oval Necklet
Foxtail 17 Stone Round Necklet
Foxtail 17 Stone Triangle Necklet
Foxtail 3 Stone Cushion Bracelet
Foxtail 3 Stone Cushion Necklet
Foxtail 3 Stone Marquise Bracelet
Foxtail 3 Stone Marquise Necklet
Foxtail 3 Stone Oval Bracelet
Foxtail 3 Stone Oval Necklet
Foxtail 3 Stone Round Bracelet
Foxtail 3 Stone Round Necklet
Foxtail 3 Stone Triangle Bracelet