Providing modern day collectable’s, our Marcasite collection continues to offer many new designs from which to choose. Marcasite, or iron pyrite as it is also known, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity since it’s hey day in the Victorian era. Much loved for its wonderful sparkle, marcasite is a natural match for our British Gemstones and perfectly suited to our vintage and classic jewellery designs.
Marcasite & Garnet Owl Drop Earrings
Marcasite & Garnet Small Owl Pendant
Marcasite 13 Piece Round/Curved Triangle Necklet
Marcasite 17 Stone Pointed Pear Necklet
Marcasite 3 Arc Heart Pendant
Marcasite 3 Pointed Fan Cross Pendant
Marcasite 3 Stone Pear Drop Necklet
Marcasite 4 Arc Oval Pendant
Marcasite 4 Arc Round Pendant
Marcasite 5 Piece Swirl Necklet
Marcasite 6 Floral Petal Flower Pendant
Marcasite 6 Flower Petal Drop Earrings
Marcasite 6 Petal Flower Ring
Marcasite 6 Point Star Stud Earrings
Marcasite 7 X Framed Oval Bracelet