At the heart of our prestigious and award winning collections is our Turquoise jewellery that boasts the popular opaque stone celebrated for its striking oceanic blue and green colour. The gemstone’s name derives from the French turques for “Turks” since the mineral was first brought over to Europe from Turkey and has been admired for thousands of years since. It has been known as a holy stone, bringer of good fortune and a talisman and has even been used in the construction of the Taj Mahal and in Tutankhamun’s iconic burial mask which was inlaid with the precious gem. The Ancient Egyptians would often refer to turquoise as ‘mefkat’ which means joy and delight, reflecting their respect and admiration for the quality stone.

The striking sky blue of Turquoise is one of the biggest trending colours in jewellery and its popularity within different cultures and the world of fashion throughout the years gives this alluring stone a timeless appeal that is perfect when crafted into jewellery.  At C W Sellors, we have designed and crafted a collection of turquoise jewellery within our very own workshops in Ashbourne where our expert stone cutters and highly skilled technicians apply significant emphasis on highlighting the mesmerising quality of the turquoise mineral.  We can also pair turquoise with other stones in different designs on request for a personalised touch.

10mm Round Tie Tack
12 Stone Flower Charm
12 Stone Pear Shaped Celtic Bracelet
14mm x 10mm Four Stone Cufflinks
15mm x 9mm Oval Celtic Pendant
15mm x 9mm Oval Celtic Ring
1mm Stone Inlaid Band Ring
2 Stone Large Heart Charm
2 Stone Rose Cube Charm
2 Stone Round Ribbed Charm
22mm Long Oval Pendant
22mm Long Oval Ring
22mm Oblong Concave Bracelet
25mm Long Oval Necklet
2mm Stone Inlaid Band Ring