The Araucaria collection offers a modern tribute to a classic era. The clean sharp styles and the intense 'Jet Black' gemstone creates the perfect contrast for a modern jewellery lover. The collection is made in Sterling Silver and Whitby Jet making this the perfect range, with items for both Ladies and Gents. To create this beautiful range we have hand selected the highest quality hand carved Whitby Jet and combined it with the brilliant shine of highly polished Silver.
Araucaria Beaded Heart Pendant
Araucaria Cross Dome Ring
Araucaria Cross Dome Stud Earrings
Araucaria Crossball Pendant
Araucaria Curved Oblong Stud Earrings
Araucaria Curved Part Edged Cufflinks
Araucaria Curved Pendant
Araucaria Curved Set Bangle
Araucaria Curved Set Hoop Earrings
Araucaria Curved Set Ring
Araucaria Domed Oval Cufflinks
Araucaria Domed Square Cufflinks
Araucaria Double Graduated Heart Hook Earrings
Araucaria Double Pear Drop Earrings
Araucaria Double Pear Drop Pendant