Pink Conch Shell

The pretty pastel and coral tones of the Pink Conch Shell gemstone conjures up images of blue water, white sand and warm gentle breezes. At C W Sellors, we have harnessed the elegant and feminine beauty of the pink conch shell and set it within sophisticated pieces of jewellery that have been handmade within our workshops in Derbyshire.

The pink conch shell gemstone comes from the inner shell layer of the Queen Conch snail that lives within the shallow depths of the Caribbean Sea. It has been treasured for years as a valuable food source by local fisherman and it was only later that people recognised the hidden beauty that was within its mysterious spiral shell. Throughout history conch shells have been used for a variety of incredible things, such as being carved into tools likes knives and axe heads while in central Mexico during rain ceremonies, the Maya used conch shells as hand protectors during combat highlighting the impressive durability of the gemstone. The Aztecs also believed that the sound made from blowing into the shell represented divine manifestations and they would be used in religious ceremonies.

Today, pink conch shell is highly desired within jewellery thanks to its mesmerising colour and subtle iridescence. We have a stunning collection of Pink Conch Shell jewellery that can be personalised alongside other gemstones and different metals for a unique and modern look.

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