Pink Mother Of Pearl

By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern designs, C W Sellors have created a collection of Pink Mother of Pearl jewellery that is both affordable and breathtaking. The unique shine and lustre of pink mother of pearl comes from a protective layer of minerals that make up the inside shell of a mollusc. Also known as nacre, pink mother of pearl is much more common than the pearl, and thus more affordable, but it still boasts the same magical iridescence that jewellery lovers will fall in love with.

Even in Victorian times, mother of pearl was used to decorate household items like knife handles, jewellery boxes and buttons and even the leaders of London street traders - known as the Costermongers - would decorate their suits in hundreds of mother of pearl buttons until they became known as the Pearly Kings and the Pearly Queens. The same exquisite quality of pink mother of pearl that was adored in the past is utilised within our jewellery collections today. We believe that every piece of our pink mother of pearl jewellery is an investment and our talented craftsman located at our Derbyshire workshops design and polish every piece to perfection.  We can also pair pink mother of pearl with other gemstones and metal combinations for a personalised finish.

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