Buy a Brave Ribbon Bracelet and support the HBOCH charity

Make one person aware and save a family for generations to come. C W Sellors are proud to introduce their National Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer charity bracelet collection, made and designed by Rebecca Sellors and inspired by the incredible work of the charity.

One in eight women develop breast cancer. With early detection 90% of patients will be long term survivors. The Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline runs 24 hours a day to support women with their families affected by familial cancer.

The collection brings together the official ribbon symbol logo in silver and enamel for breast and ovarian cancer, together with a silver ‘brave charm,’ (a circular brave disc with the official charity logo engraved on the back) which represents the bravery of women fighting against the disease.

Each piece from the collection has been completely handmade within our workshops in Derbyshire by our talented craftsman from sterling silver, cubic zirconia and enamel.

Buy a bracelet and support the charity!

The bracelets retail for £140 each. 20% of every purchase will go towards the charity and help with their efforts to support and educate people who encounter the disease in their lives. For more information on the charity, along with a link to the collection on our websites, please see the links below: